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Membership of CDEO is open to any individual (deaf or hearing), who supports the goals of the CDEO.

Categories of Membership

Executive Board of Directors
CDEO Board Members in a meeting            
The CDEO has a 15-member Executive Board of Directors made up of seasoned educationists, administrators and parents of deaf children. The Executive President of the CDEO coordinates the programmes and activities of CDEO. Several specialised committees have been formed to plan, organise and execute CDEO programmes and report to the Board through the Executive President. The Executive President maintains links with all organisations, national and international, on CDEO matters. CDEO members are eligible to be elected to the Executive Board of Directors. To view a list of CDEO Board Members, please click here.


CDEO is very grateful for the support from individuals as well as from organisations, both national and international.

Who Are CDEO's Major Donors?

American Business Association, Douala

British Council, Yaounde.

British High Commission, Yaounde

Catholic Deaf Association, UK

Church Groups in Cameroon

Dr Mal Fobi, Los Angeles, USA.

Embassy of Germany, Yaounde

Embassy of the USA, Yaounde

Flora London Marathon 2000 (Akwo-Fese Efimba)

International Deaf Children's Society (IDCS) London, UK

Kumba Urban Council

Liliane Foundation of the Netherlands

Manyu Elements Cultural Association, (MECA) Atlanta Chapter

Mr. Adrie E.M. Heinsbroek of Holland

Mr. A.H. Groenewegen of Holland

Mr. Gerard v.d. Klundert of Holland

Mrs. Rita de Bruyne of Belgium

National Hydrocarbon’s Corporation ( SNH ) Yaounde

NOMA Atlanta Chapter

Pecten of Cameroon

Serendipity Club Douala ( Women’s Association )

The Millenium Group (TMG) London, UK

The Mwanenguba Group UK

(This list is not placed in order of significance of support received from donors.)